RVing on BLM in Quartzsite, AZ

What draws over 250,000 people from all over the country to go RVing on BLM in Quartzsite, AZ each year? That was actually a question we asked ourselves. That is, until we spent our first winter there. I must confess, we were not big fans of the desert until we stayed there. Now we’re hooked. Below are just a few reasons why we like camping in Quartzite, AZ.

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It’s Free!

Well, almost! You can stay 14 days on BLM (see map of Quartzite Links) for free, or you can stay in the LTVA area (Long Term Living Area) for up to 6 months for $180.00. If you prefer having city services there are also plenty of RV parks to choose from in Quartzsite.

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Hang Around the Campfire

There’s nothing like having a warm campfire to snuggle up to at night. As soon as we arrive, I get a kick out of watching Terri gather huge rocks nearby and building a great fire-pit. She even borders our site with rocks. If you get to Quartzite early enough you can find sites that previous campers have previously marked out. Some already have a nice fire-pit built, or you can create your own.


Huge Camp Site / Mini-Ranch

It’s like having your own mini-ranch to call ‘home’ while you’re there. Don’t get me wrong – we love RV parks and resorts, but often times the sites in RV parks are narrow and we’re packed in like sardines. We enjoy neighbors, but it’s nice to have some space and room to roam. You can easily have several acres between you and your neighbor when you’re RVing on BLM in Quartzsite.

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Gadgets Galore

The Big Tent starts around the middle of January each year and you will find just about every RVing gadget you can think of there. Also, there are car shows and rock hound shows going on as well. Check out the (Quartzite Links) for more information.


Discover the Caveman in You

Some of our friends and even our fellow RVers think we’re nuts because we enjoy dry camping so much. I guess it is the survival man or caveman in me that wants to see just how long we can go using only our solar system and not having any water or sewer hookups. Yep, we’re RVing on BLM with all the comforts you’d find in an RV park or house. We don’t consider it roughing it by any means. We have everything you’d would typically have in the city by using our solar panels, battery banks, TV satellite and internet. We spent over 2 months boondocking on BLM land on our last trip. Quartzsite is the mecca for folks like us and it is fun to check out all the thousands of other rigs with their solar systems all coming together to enjoy their shared passion of boondocking in the desert.

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Lots of Other Things To Do

Hiking & prospecting trails are everywhere. Last trip we had a blast renting an ATV and exploring some of the old mines there. Another fun thing to do is to take a day trip to the Laughlin Casinos. Or, how would you like to discover the adventure in you by 4-wheeling through the back country to visit a nearby ghost town?


Even More Things to Do!

Go Exploring for ancient petroglyphs that are thousands of years old!

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Relax and Enjoy the Warm Sunshine

I have a hard time relaxing, but out here it comes naturally.

Need a place to kick back in the winter? If so, Quartzsite, AZ just might be the place for you.

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  1. Looks like so much fun, My wife and I are really looking forward to this for our first time as beginner snowbirds.
    Were planning to spend the Month of February to start off with.

    1. Thanks Bob & Barbara. Quartzsite is a great place to spend in February. Warm temps and beautiful sunsets! Don’t think we’ve ever seen so many RVs in one town at the same time. We have friends that spend four months there every year. You’ll have a great time! Lots of neat stuff for sale, too. Have fun. Happy Trails! Terri & Vern

  2. Taking our first dive into RVing. Been a dream of ours for a long time. Plan on renting an RV for a trip to N. AZ…Grand Canyon, Meteor Crator, etc….
    Used to live in Sanders, AZ..Navajo Rez off I40/ 191.
    Want to go to Chinle and Canyon de Chelley.
    Would appreciate any advice/Good RV grounds between Flagstaff and Rez.
    Seriously exploring idea of RVing as a permanent lifestyle….
    Thank you….your blog is very enlightening. Like it very much.

    1. Hi Pamela. There’s a website that we use a lot when we’re exploring a new area and don’t know where to stay. Check out http://www.rvparkreviews.com – it’s very user friendly and has actual reviews from fellow RVers. We’ve found the reviews to be very helpful and accurate. For example – from their website you could click on AZ and then Flagstaff. You’ll be able to check onRV parks from a 20 mile radius, 5 mile radius, etc. The site will list all parks in the area, as well as their amenities, rates, etc. Great website when you’re not sure where to stay. Happy travels! Vern and Terri

  3. Looks great – I’ll be staying near Quartzite for the winter, and saw that you rode the ATV’s to see some sights. Do you need an ATV license or anything special to do that? I have my own ATV I am bringing….

    1. Hi Mark. Riding an ATV in Quartzsite is a blast! Can’t believe how much we got to actually see via some of the trails. Our friends spend six months in Quartzsite and bring their own ATV every year. We rented one while we were there and had so much fun. Wanted to buy one after we rented. 🙂 Didn’t need a special ATV license or anything to rent.

  4. My wife and I are interested in camping at Quartzsite. Do we need reservation or just show up?

    1. If you and your wife are staying on BLM then no reservation is needed. Just show up! If you’d like full hook-ups then you’d need to make a reservation at one of the local RV parks there. We boondocked, so no reservation was needed. Have fun!

  5. We are so excited! We are leaving in 5 days for Quartzsite via Flagstaff. Still really hot in the desert right now, so we are going to stay up where it’s a little cooler for a few weeks. Then it’lol be Quartzsite for the entire winter. Address has been temporarily changed as of Oct. 1st. Can’T wait to see if our previous campsite is open when we get there.

    1. Woo hoo! Love Quartzsite — most beautiful sunsets ever! Warm weather, too! We have friends on their way there now, too. They spend six months there every year. Have fun and send us a pic of a beautiful desert sunset!

  6. Vern and Terri,

    Just found your blog…..really nice job!

    We will be in Quartzsite again this year, actually working at the Big Tent for Escapees!

    We are curious as to where you rented the ATV’s ? Last year when we were in Q we did not have enough time to search out these things as we were only there 6 weeks but this year we will be there until mid April when we will head to Alaska.

    We will be in La Posa South again .

    Happy New Year!

    1. Hi there! Curious as to whether you found a place to rent ATVs while in Quartzsite. We rented ATVs while we were there, but we don’t remember the name of the company. We have friends who spend six months in Quartzsite and they said they’d check around. Haven’t heard back from them (they have their own ATV), so not sure if anyone is still renting or not. Hope the weather has been nice and warm for you this year. We spent the winter in the FL Keys and had a great time. Enjoy your remaining time in Quartzsite and enjoy those beautiful sunsets and clear skies.

  7. its a great place to spend the winter.if you like music there are jams every day to go to.and pertisipate in good cafes 80 miles to algadones mexico cvheap medicine dentures ,cigerrets and lots more pass port needed..more to see there have a great time I spent 7 winters there

  8. Spent February in Quartzsite for the first time this year. We’re going back for the whole winter in 2016-17!

    1. How fun! Did you stay at an RV park, or did you boondock? Great temps and beautiful sunsets, huh!

  9. lady that’s a dam good good place to spend the winter.get a pass port and go to algadones mexico..cheap medicine and lots of other stuff.spent 7 winters there…dam good country music jams.all over quartzsite to if you like it

  10. I loved camping at laposa south b l m camp ground ,in quartzsire Arizona..great people staying there..the silver palace had freat music jams.ken and Roberta adams and vivion and her husband..always a great place

  11. Is Laposa south Long term or short term, Is there a dump site there? My wife and I are planning to stay in short term this next year on our way to Yuma.

    1. Hello! La Posa South is the long-term and has a dump station. You can see a map of it on our quartzsite links page. Think they used to charge around $40 or so for 14 days. Have fun!

  12. yes there is and I hope you enjoy it.beware 0f the Mexican drug cartel when you get to Yuma az they have been robing and killing on the boarder

  13. I am a nudest gay person and I enjoy the nuddust colony at loposa south rv.we stay pretty close to the area we stay in and are never bothered and have a wonderful time

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