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Well, if you have found yourself on this page you have probably been thinking about renting an RV, or at least wanting to find out more information about renting an RV. If you’re from Europe, New Zealand, or Australia, you might refer to renting an RV as “Campervan Hire,” or “Motorhome Hire.” These terms basically mean the same thing – with a few exceptions. Sometimes in America we even refer to it as a “rolling house on wheels” since they typically have all the creature comforts of home.

Below we hope to provide you with some helpful information that will explain the Who, What, Where, and How of RV rentals, or Motorhome Hire, so you can decide if an RV rental is right for you.

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Who Rents RVs?

RV Buyers
There are many reasons folks rent RVs. If you are considering buying an RV or campervan – we believe it’s very important to rent an RV first – especially if you are new to RVing and you’re not quite sure what you want.

After years of buying, selling, and renting RVs (both personally and professionally) we cannot stress the importance of the phrase ‘TRY IT BEFORE YOU BUY IT.’ Buying an RV can be a very expensive endeavor. Crazy as it sounds – we can say without a doubt most people tend to buy an RV not best suited for them the first time out merely because they ‘don’t know what they don’t know.’ They don’t know the right questions to ask, or don’t know what they like or dislike about the RV. They’ve got the ‘bug’ (like we did), but don’t know enough about the different types of RVs and the RV lifestyle in general.

As an example, most first-time buyers will focus on what’s above the floor (what we refer to as the eye-candy) instead of considering the amount of storage capacity below the floor. That’s exactly what we did when we bought our first RV. Big mistake. We loved the layout and – as most first time buyers – we focused on the appeal of the interior. Not too long after our purchase we realized there was little storage to be found. We literally were forced to pile things up on the floor inside. What a mess. Based on our first ‘mistake’ we focused on the storage capacity, as much as the floor-plan/layout inside, when we bought our second RV.

Visitors traveling to the USA from another Country, or Traveling from the USA going to other Countries
Even if you already own an RV, it might be a rough ride trying to drive an RV across the ocean. Of course, we’re kidding. But … we’ve seen RVs that can actually float. As much as we like adventure – we don’t think we’d want to venture out in one across the ocean. That said – many RVers traveling abroad may or may not have an RV. Even if they do – it’s probably far too expensive to bring it with them if they are traveling to another country. Traveling by air to a destination in another country and renting an RV is a much more viable option in our opinion. And …. it’s one of the best ways to see the country first-hand.

People considering getting into the RV lifestyle
Renting an RV is an excellent choice for those who have been thinking about getting into the RV lifestyle. When we were RV rental dealers for one of the largest RV rental companies in the USA, nearly half of our rentals were to couples in which one spouse had traveled in an RV before and loved the experience, but the other spouse was terrified at the thought of RVing. Renting an RV was a much better choice to test the waters together before making the decision to purchase one. Some people couldn’t imagine being in a relatively small space together for an extended period of time. Interestingly, upon return – most folks found that they loved the freedom and excitement of traveling in an RV and couldn’t wait to plan their next adventure together.

What kind of RV to Rent or Motorhome to Hire

There are many types of recreational vehicles (or Motorhome Hire) to rent. We will briefly go over the differences between them:

Motorhomes tend to be the most popular to rent. Motorhomes, however, have different names in different countries. In France, a motorhome is known as a ‘camping-car.’ Spain and Portugal use the term ‘Auto-Caravana’ when referring to a motorhome. Campervan is another term used quite often. Basically, they pretty much mean the same thing – a motorized camping vehicle.

Class A Motorhomes
The Class A motorhome is the most luxurious classification of RV available. They are built on heavy-duty frames like a commercial truck or bus chassis. They are also the most expensive RV to rent. They tend to be more popular in the USA, but are starting to catch on in Europe. They give you the best and most comfortable ride and can have every possible amenity you can think of. There are both regular unleaded gas and diesel versions. The diesel versions are considerably more expensive. Due to their extra carrying capacity they have tons of storage space and have much more amenities to offer over the gas versions. Also, the diesel engine is usually in the rear of the motorhome, which makes a very pleasant and quiet ride. The air suspension is like floating on a cloud going down the road and you can hear yourself talk it’s so quiet. For some – driving a Class A Motorhome can be intimidating. For others, it’s a piece of cake. We recommend renting the size RV you are comfortable with – especially when you are new to driving an RV.

Class B Motorhomes
The Class B Motorhomes are the smallest of the three classes of motorhomes. They are often called camper vans or conversion vans. They usually have a raised roof to allow its occupants to stand up inside. They are more compact in nature and have a relatively small kitchen, living room, and bathroom. Their bathrooms generally have the shower and toilet in the same space, which is called a wet-bath. They are nice in that they get better gas mileage – and, they are small enough to fit in most parking spaces. Also, for folks interested in more remote-type camping, these are a nice alternative because they are smaller in size.

Class C Motorhomes
The class C Motorhome provides a mid-point between the Class B motorhome and Class A luxury motorhome. The Class C motorhome usually has a bed over the cab. Some of the larger ones have a separate bedroom in the back. They have more storage than a class B and offer a bit more room inside if you have a large family and/or you feel you need a little extra space for comfort.

Where to go? These are our Favorite RV Vacation Destinations:

This is the fun part planning your Destination.
If your traveling the USA we have listed below our favorite places to go and our top RV Destinations in the USA.

Grand Canyon National Park

Yosemite National Park
Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park

Garden of the Gods Park ,Colorado springs
Seven Falls, Colorado Springs
Royal Gorge Bridge and Park, Canon City
Mesa Verde National Park, Mesa Verde

Key West
Disney World, Fort Wilderness Resort, Orlando

Crater Lake National Park


South Dakota
Mount Rushmore National Park, Keystone

South Padre Island

Arches State Park, Moab

Bellingham, Take Ferry to Vancover Island, British Columbia

Washington DC
Cherry Hill RV Park

Yellowstone National Park

How should you Plan your RV Trip and Rent an RV?

Well, of course, the first thing is to figure out where you want to go on your adventure. Once you have your destination(s) in mind you’ll need to figure out the best place to stay and how much travel time you’ll need in order to arrive safely. One of the website’s we use on a regular basis is www.rvparkreviews.com. It’s a great website that lists nearly all campgrounds (state, federal, privately owned, etc.) across the country. You’ll find tons of reviews about all the RV resorts and campgrounds in the area that are nearby to your destination. It lists all the amenities that are available at the park such as cable TV, Wi-Fi internet, water, electric, sewer, etc.
Next you will need to plan enough time to get there. If you’re traveling over several days to get to your destination and don’t have much time to get there you may want to stop at a Walmart (or perhaps a large truck stop) to catch up on some sleep. We don’t recommend driving when you’re exhausted and sometimes we just need a little nap, so we’ll park at a Walmart Supercenter and get a good night’s sleep. We love Wal-Mart supercenters because it allows us to get some groceries and supplies while we’re there. If you decide to stay at a Walmart, be sure to call ahead to confirm it’s okay to stay in their lot overnight. Most Wal-Marts allow you to stay one night for free; however, there are a few that do not due to city ordinances.
We’ve reluctantly driven up to 800 miles in one day, but that’s not fun in our opinion. We found we were so worn out by the time we’d arrive at an RV park and then we’d have to check-in at the RV park – complete the necessary paperwork and set up camp. It makes for a very long day.
We found that driving anywhere from 200 to 400 miles per day offered a more relaxing time on the road. It gave us plenty of time to get checked in, parked and set-up. We’d plan ahead to get the ole’ barbeque out and grill some steaks and enjoy the RV park, as well as the surrounding area. Suppose it all depends on how much time you have.
Finally, it’s time to book your RV rental. Below is a list of most of the National Rental Companies.

Apollo RV Rentals
Best Time RV Rentals
Britz Rv Rentals Camper Rentals
Camper Mondo RV Rentals
Compass RV Rentals
Cruise America RV Rentals
El Monte RV Rentals
Escape Campevans
Expedition Motor Homes

Juicy Campervan Rentals
Lost Campers RV Rentals
Luxe RV Rentals
Road Bear RV Rentals
Stardrive RV Rentals
Star RV Rentals
Sunshine RV Rentals
Wild Campers USA
Camper RV Rentals

Before calling them you will want to know the dates you’ll be picking the RV up, the date you’re returning the RV, and the miles you estimate traveling. You will also want to know what size RV you’d like to rent. The examples above (Class A, Class B,and Class C) should give you some idea.
Next you can break out the pencil and paper and start calling each one of the companies listed and make sure you investigate each companies reviews on the internet. You’ll want to ask the age of the RV and how many miles it has on it. What happens if you happen to have a mechanical breakdown or accident? How much is it going to cost?
If all of this sounds like a daunting task – rest assured there’s a much easier way!
We have the ONE STOP SOLUCTION for you right here. You can price-shop all of the above RV rentals companies (plus, more) at the same time and get all of this information by simply filling out the ‘Search for Motorhomes’ above and you will have prices and reviews on each company. You can reserve your RV rental all at the touch of a button.
Once you have your RV rental booked, please go to our www.rvcampingchecklist.com to review some items you might want to consider bringing along on your trip.
We hope you have enjoyed this information and found it helpful. We wish you a safe and fun filled RV-Vacation Adventure and thank you for visiting our site.

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