RV patio lights can really liven up the campsite. Combine some lights with a nice, cozy campfire – they’ll surely make for a warm and pleasant evening no matter where you are.

rv patio lights, lighting, camping

When we first hit the road it wasn’t long before Terri discovered patio lights and decided she couldn’t live without a few strands. She loves the ambiance and charm they add to the site. Once we get parked and set-up it’s not long before she’s digging through the storage bins for the best set to hang.

Vern seems to be more interested in adding some light to the campsite for completely different reasons. When we’re eating dinner outdoors (which is most of the time) Vern insists upon ‘seeing’ what he’s eating (think it must be a guy thing)! It may sound silly, but it’s the truth. Terri would choose candles over bright light any day. But …. if you like having a well-lit table, we suggest the Rayovac Sportsman LED Lantern – it’s a favorite of Vern’s and can also be used for additional purposes, too. Also, the lantern adds a little more security to your campsite since the site is illuminated.

Either way, it’s fun to decorate with your favorite patio lights, lanterns and candles. Not only are they functional, but they set the mood for a fun time!

Hanging String Lights with Awning Clips
Hanging a string or two of lights is really a breeze now that there are new awning clips. Just attach the clips to the awning and then attach the string of lights and your lights are up and running. It’s a piece of cake with these Camco Awning Clips. These work great for hanging lights on your awning.

rv patio lights, camping, lighting

There are lots of different lights to choose from, but if you want to use a generic type (clear or white light) strand of lights that can be used any time of year, these Clear Globe Lights (Indoor/Outdoor) are great. Also, one last tip. If you decide to hang lights on your awning, be sure to hang the power end closest to your power source. We made that mistake once!
Solar Lights
If you’re dry-camping and would rather not use any power to run your lights you may want to consider solar lights. They work great, too. We bought our first solar lights in Quartzsite, AZ years ago and use them all the time – even when we have full hook-ups. It’s great – just set them in the sun for 6-8 hours and you have ‘free’ light when the sun
goes down.
rv patio lights, solar,camping

We love these solar lights so much, we bought two while in Quartzsite. They flash off and on, which makes them fun to watch!

If you want to ‘brighten your mood’ and enjoy a little ambiance – give them a try! If you can’t find the ones we picked up in Quartzsite these Solar Lighted Lilac Flowers work great, too. In Terri’s opinion – one can never have too much ambiance/coziness when camping.
When we are dry-camping and don’t want to use our battery juice we use these beautiful purple solar lights pictured below.

Just need a little sun during the day for these to work. We love them and the color is so pretty at night. You can make them ‘flash’ or have a steady light if you prefer. We actually ordered one set and later realized we wanted two sets, so we ordered another one. They work great and don’t use any electricity! We’re always trying to ‘live off the grid’ when possible. Everyone always asks where we got the lights. Even my sister (who is not into RVing) wanted some for her home. They make great gifts. 🙂

Have fun decorating and lighting up your own campsite! There are lots of choices with different colors, flowers, etc. Fun, fun, fun!

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  1. What fun that I found you because smeoone stopped by my blog so I checked his out and noticed a comment by you and well how could I resist your gravatar?! On my bucket list for when I retire is spending at least a full year in an rv roaming hither & yon. Since that won’t be happening for at least 5.5 years I haven’t been actively researching but thought I would keep an eye on you and pick up some stories. I’ll be going alone so do you have any observations about that you could share?

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