RV Insurance options vary greatly depending on your needs and specific lifestyle, as well as the state you’re claiming residency, your driving record, credit score, etc. When we were in the research mode we wanted a company that really knew the lifestyle and offered the best policy for those on the road full-time. The policy we have is similar to a homeowner’s policy. It’s necessary if you are a full-timer and you use your recreational vehicle as your primary residence.

There are several good companies to choose from. However, you’ll find that some do not offer a policy for ‘full-timers’ and prices range all over the place depending on your state of residency.

When we were in Oregon our policy was with Foremost because they offered the lowest rates based on our needs.

When we changed our domicile to Texas we switched to GMAC because their rates were lower. However, the rates were much higher as Texas residents. Camping World’s underwriter is GMAC and they offered us a discount since we were Camping World members.

Since then we’ve become residents of Florida and have switched once again. After getting a number of quotes we decided to go with Geico. It’s amazing how the rates vary state-to-state. We’ve found the rates to be lower on all of our vehicles now that we’re in Florida versus Texas. Our rates now are about the same as Oregon.

When our policy is up this year we will get a quote from Explorer. We have heard they are very competitive and offer several different options at an affordable price. They are recommended by FMCA, Family Motor Coach Association.

Thankfully, we’ve never had to submit a claim with any company.

Things to Consider when Getting a Quote

Awning Replacement/Repair
Awnings can get torn off easily when the wind comes up from out of nowhere.

Full Replacement Cost
This is where you get paid enough to replace your ‘home on wheels’ with a new one in the event it’s totaled. Otherwise, you will only get the current value and that value can be calculated on the wholesale price, the loan value or retail value, or your original purchase price. It is very important to know what amount you will receive if it’s totaled. Full replacement cost is best and usually will cost extra. Most companies only offer full replacement cost if your rig is not more than five years old (the number of years varies depending on the company).

Replacement Cost for Personal Effects
It’s a good idea to get a policy that covers personal belongings, too.

Emergency Vacation Expense
Adding emergency vacation expense to your policy can help smooth out a troubled vacation on the road. Emergency Vacation Expense will cover some expenses incurred if your recreational vehicle is damaged to the point of being unlivable while you’re on vacation. Some options include travel expenses, living expenses, towing, and roadside assistance.

A Few Additional Companies to Consider

Progressive (800) 776-4737
Explorer RV Insurance Agency, Inc. (888) 774-6778
RV Advantage (800) 331-1520
RV Advantage
Miller Insurance Agency (800) 622-6347
Miller Insurance Agency
RV Insurance Coverage
RV Insurance Coverage
Thum (800) 866-0777
Thum Insurance Agency
Hi SAGE (800) 887-8467
Hi Sage
Twin Peaks (800) 507-8467
Twin Peaks

It Pays to Shop Around!


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  1. We choose Miller Insurance which gave us what we wanted for coverage with Nationwide in Florida (Citrus County).

  2. Thank you I am thinking of buying a R.V. I think that I have a good set up for owning a R.V. Three acres in Lakeland FL. Paid off. And family in Nebraska who want me to move there. How ever winter does come around every year.

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