Below is a map of the Quartzsite, AZ BLM areas, information on dump stations, etc., that we have collected over the years. We hope you will find these helpful in navigating around.

Map of BLM and LTVA Area


Helpful Links and Information:

Our Favorite 14-Day BLM Areas

Our favorite BLM area is now Roadrunner, which is about 5 miles south of town on Hwy 95. Watch for La Paz Valley Road – turn right you are ther


Our second favorite camping area is on Plamosa Road. Go about 8 or 9 miles north on Hwy 95 to Plamosa Road. Turn right and you are there.

We like these two areas best because they are the least crowded, but are furthest from town. We liked Hi Jolly also, but it really gets crowded when the RV shows are going on in town. See map above for locations.

Our Favorite LTVA Areas

There are 4 LTVA areas. LTVA means “Long Term Living Area.”All 4 areas are on the south side of town along Hwy 95. Two are on the west side of Hwy 95 and 2 are on the east side of Hwy 95. They all border each other and run from the south side of town and go about 4 miles along highway 95. Our favorite is the second one going south on the left.

We like it best because it is the only LTVA area that has fresh water and a dump station.

Dump Stations with Potable Water:

Love’s Truck Stop in town (South side of I-10) – FREE water Only; no dump station. Look out along street in front of gas pumps. They have a water hose that you can use to refill your water tanks or water bladder.

Pilot Truck Stop – Last trip they had a dump station, but it was out of order when we were there.

RV Pit Stop, 425 N. Central Blvd.Dump Fee: $7.00 / $3.00 to fill water tank: (May experience long lines/wait at RV Pit Stop during show week.)

Propane Sources:

RV Pit Stop, 425 N. Central Blvd. May experience long wait at RV Pit Stop during show week.

Favorite Restaurants

Silly Al’s Pizza In Quartzsite‎ 175 W Main St, Quartzsite, AZ‎ – (928) 927-5585‎

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  1. Is there a business you can pay to come fill fresh water and dump tanks? Willing to pay.

  2. We are currently snow birding in Southern Arizona and will be heading back north soon. Rather than tow our fifth wheel all the way back to Canada we are toying with the idea of storing it for the summer in the Quartzite area..
    Does anyone know of a long term secure RV storage area in the Quartzite area?

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