Our Favorite Game

Some of our favorite memories are the camping games we play with our friends and family around the campfire. One of our all-time favorites has got to be Jenga.

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When we want to relax and have fun we like the game because it does not require you to think that much (that’s a good thing for us after a long day)! You just need a good steady hand to pull out the little blocks from the bottom and then stack them one-by-one on the top. Each person takes a turn and carefully pulls out a block of wood trying to keep the stack from falling.camping games,jenga,rv games, rv fun

The game builds momentum as everyone becomes a team working together to build the stack as high as possible without it collapsing. The higher it gets the more excited everyone becomes. Your only worry is that you don’t want to be the one to knock it down. That’s when it gets really challenging and the crowd begins to roar.

camping games,jenga,rv games, rv fun

As tempting as it is, you cannot touch the stack with your hand to steady it. The goal is to see how high everyone can get the stack of blocks before someone pulls the block out wrong and it collapses.

camping games,rv games,jenga,rv fun

Once the tower falls the loser suffers severe ridicule from the group (all in fun)! As the loser your job becomes collecting all the blocks and restacking them for a new game. Then the camping game starts all over again.

camping games,rv games,jenga,rv fun

Good-spirited LOSERS!


Our Second Favorite Camping Game

The Wii Sports Game
Wii is another really fun game to play when you’re camping. It is a lot more expensive than Jenga and requires some setup time and a TV, but it can be a real blast.

There is boxing where you box your opponent on the TV screen. Your rival can be a game generated opponent, or you can actually have a live person play against you. You are boxing at the screen and the game characters on the screen know which way you are swinging and imitate your every movement. It’s a real blast and you get some good exercise, too. There are also golf, bowling, baseball and tennis games that work the same way. We use the game mainly inside the RV, but you could hook it up to an outside TV as well.

It’s really fun!

You can pick this game up at a number of places. We’ve seen the game at Walmart, Target, and Amazon.

More Camping Games that are Fun to Play

Scrabble Crossword Game
Although it’s been around for years, it’s still one of our favorite games to play. It takes a little luck and a lot of skill to make high-scoring words out of the seven little letters to build crosswords. A good friend of ours who travels in their RV with us whoops us every time. Need more practice!

Folding Poker / Blackjack Table
Want to make believe you’re in Las Vegas? Playing this game is a great way to spend an evening when it’s too cold or rainy to be outdoors. We like to fill the table, so we’ll invite friends and family over for a night of gambling. If you don’t have room for a real table, this works great in your RV. It’ll fit on any square or round table. One side offers poker, while the other side serves as a blackjack table. It folds for easy storage and comes with a sturdy black zippered carry bag with handles.

Poker chips and and dice have to be purchased separately.

If you are into wheeling-and-dealing, you’ll love this board game. It’s a great family game. Vern always feels like a real estate tycoon when we play this game together. He loves to corner parts of the board, build houses and hotels, and he gets a kick out of charging me really high rent on his properties!

National Parks Uno Card Game
This is a fun card game and it has great photos of the many well-known national parks, including Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Statue of Liberty – and some of the lesser known national parks. It’s fun to play and if you enjoy looking at the scenic pictures of American national parks, then you and your friends/family will really enjoy playing this card game.

Checkers in a Box
Another game that’s been around for years, but it’s always fun to play on a rainy day. This particular one is perfect because it fits in an 8″ x 8″ box, which stores compactly in the RV.

Malarky (The Bluffing Game)
Do you think you’re good at fooling your friends and family? If you want to test your powers of ‘trickery’ then this camping game is for you. You don’t have to know the answer to the question – just ACT like you do. You can make up answers to all kinds of questions and present your bluffs to your opponents. They try to determine if your answer is simply ‘malarky’ or the truth. The game asks the questions that everyone wonders about from time to time. After a question is read aloud, one player (unbeknownst to the others) reads the correct answer, while the other players present bluff answers–as convincingly as they can–and then each player votes for the answer they think is correct. Points are awarded when your bluff answer receives votes or if you vote for the correct answer. Ready to test your bluffing skills? This game brings a lot of laughter and fun to the table.

You can find these camping games at Camping World, Amazon, or Walmart.

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