Our Boondocking Travels

One of our favorite places to go camping or boondocking without any hook-ups is Jedediah Smith State Park, located on the Smith River in Northern California.

Camping among the giant redwood trees made us feel like we were in an enchanted forest somewhere.

camping,jedediah,smith state park,redwoods

Our campsite was right next to the Smith River.

Campsite,boondocking,jedediah,redwoods,state park

There are bears running around there (big ones, too), so you have to keep all food put away inside the RV.

redwoods,jedediah smith state park, camping, rving,drycamping

You can get an idea as to how big some of these trees are when you see how small Terri looks leaning against one.

Wickenburg BLM Land in Arizona

The BLM area is just outside of the town of Wickenburg, AZ


Great views of Vulture Peak in the background.

Wickenburg,blm,vulture,peak,drycamping,arizona camping

We had a blast here. There are trails up to Vulture Peak.  Great work-out, too!

Dixon Lake,CA

Dixon,Lake,camping,Boondocking,Escondido, RV,drycamping

We always laugh when we see these old pictures of us enjoying some margaritas at our favorite site #6 at Dixon Lake in Escondido, CA. This was our first RV and we had lots of good times in that rig.


This is the view of the lake we are looking at from site #6 above.

Carlsbad State Beach

Some of our best memories are of Carlsbad State Beach in Southern California (San Diego County).


We are getting ready for our New Year’s Eve bash at the beach.


Without any hookups, we devoured an excellent dinner of filet mignon while overlooking the ocean with our friends with only the use of solar power.


When they started playing KC and the Sunshine Band things got a little crazy. We were dancing fools and having a fun time with close friends.


We close the party with a group shot. What a fun evening!


The sunsets are beautiful on the beach.

For more information on Boondocking and/or to see some of the beautiful places we have camped off the grid, check our Boondocking Page.

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  1. We are starting out in the fall. Getting our house ready to rent out . Sold the car . Gave antiques to the kids . Getting rid of everything to live in a 27 ft trailer to start – . Probley going to quartsite to meet some folks to learn how we can do this and enjoy our life . Without breaking the bank with little money in it . Lol. We are 58 and 56. My husband is on full disability from a work injury . I had to do a little convincing . There are people out there living life . Hope to hear from you . Tina

    1. Hey Tina. Thank you for your comment. We are so glad you guys are taking the plunge. A bit scary in the beginning, but we don’t think you’ll regret it for even a second. Takes courage, but so worth living your dream. Best of luck to you both. Maybe we’ll see you in Quartzsite one of these years!

  2. Just bought a Jaycorecept 35un this spring. Have a beautiful lot in Woodhaven Lakes in Sublette, Illinois, but would like to sunbird during the winter. We love travel and were thinking of Southern California or Arizona . We are beginners and were thinking of camp hosting Any advice?

    1. You’ve named some good places for RVing in the winter. We’ve stayed in Southern CA, Arizona, and south Florida (FL keys) during the winter and all are great choices. If you can get a camp host position at one of the state parks in one of these areas I don’t think you could go wrong. State parks on the Pacific Ocean in San Diego are really nice. Good luck!

  3. We are finishing our first season as full time rvers. But our 17 year old son came along. He was the one who actually convinced us to go ahead and start early. Right now we are staying on the southeast coast until my son graduates high school ( thought doing virtual online school we still have to go back to home state f South Carolina for testing on occasion, so can’t go to far yet.) we re enjoying ourselves and our son has made so many new friends.

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