Below is a list of equipment we’ve used over the years, which has made our boondocking experience a better one. Please understand by no means are we saying these items are a ‘must have’ – like the 7500-watt generator. You don’t need a 7500-watt generator to enjoy dry-camping. Our generator just so happened to come with our rig, so it was added to the list. We have used several other generators that worked just fine. We’ve also camped without the use of generator altogether and still had a good time. Some would argue they don’t need any of these items and that’s okay, too.

Please take this list with a grain of salt and take the information for what it is (just information) to help others who may want to head down the boondocking path. Think of this list as a trigger list to help you start thinking of things you might want to get, or not get, before heading out to the boonies.

For Electricity:

Solar Panels; 6-Panels 100/144 watts Each

  • 30 amp Solar Charge Controller to control solar current to batteries
  • 6-220 Amp Hour 6 volt Golf Cart Type Wet Cell Batteries
  • Water Miser Caps to minimize battery water usage and chemical discharge
  • 2,000-watt Inverter Charger
  • 7,500 watt Diesel Generator only used briefly when running heavy loads
  • 2,400-watt propane/gas generator to run one 1,500 BTU Air Conditioner

For Refilling the On-Board Fresh Water Tank:

  • 45 Gallon Bladder Bag to haul water from/to RV
  • 12-volt Water Pump to pump water from bladder bag to RV

Sewer/Grey Water removal:

  • 25 gallon Blue Boy – Off Vern goes to a dump station in Quartzsite. This sure comes in handy when you’re dry camping and/or don’t have sewer hook-ups. It allows us to haul grey/black water to nearest dump station when holding tanks are full. We bought a 25-gallon one, but smaller and larger ones are also available. This really came in handy while in Quartzsite, AZ.   We purchased ours from Camping World.Quartzite 2008 039 (1)
    • Folding Aluminum-Cargo-Carrier to haul Blue Boy to dump station

For Heat:

      • Olympian Wave-8 Catalytic Heater for Living Room
      • Olympian Wave-3 Catalytic Heater for Bedroom

For Cooling:

      • Solar screens to keep heat out of your rig
      • Dual pane windows to insulate from outside temperature


        • Propane/Electric Fridge (standard in most RV’s)
        • Coleman Stove-Top Drip coffee maker that heats from propane stove
        • Thermal Carafe for keeping coffee hot
        • Time clock to turn off TVs and Inverter Panel at night to save battery usage
        • Flameless battery-operated candles
        • 12-volt fans

When we bought our first RV we should have bought stock in Camping World. They literally had everything we needed to get started and have some really fun stuff when it comes to camping and RVing.  They have most of the items we’ve listed above — plus, lots of new gadgets. When we first discovered Camping World we quickly realized we needed to become members so we could get a discount on everything we purchased. It’s really ‘one stop shopping.’

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