ADCO RV Cover Review

Our Adco RV Cover review story begins with first warning you that, unless you have a team of marriage counselors on hand, you don’t want to put one of these covers on with your spouse or significant other (especially on a hot or windy day) — seriously! Terri and I have been together twenty plus years and we really never argue much (if at all) until it comes time to put the ole’ RV cover on the motorhome. It never fails — it always turns into a brawl. After a couple of years doing this, we will point out a few things we have learned to help put the RV cover on so you will maintain complete harmony and bliss in your relationship.

We bought our first Tan Colored Designer Series Tyvek Motorhome Cover about six years ago. It was the tan-colored Designer Series that uses the Tyvek material and it came with a 2 year warranty. It held up pretty well for about three years. Then we had a few days with some pretty high winds. When the winds later died down, we discovered the cover had completely fallen apart. I will admit, I hadn’t kept an eye on it much during that time to see if it was tied down well or not. I would like to point out that if the wind can get under the RV cover it will likely self destruct.
We were very disappointed that the cover was trashed. Shortly thereafter, we called ADCO and shared the story about the damage to the cover and we were advised the RV cover was out of warranty. However, out of good faith, they said they’d send us a replacement of the same ADCO RV cover at cost, which was approximately $175.00 dollars, including shipping. So we felt that was a great deal — especially since we were pretty sure we were partly responsible since we had not inspected the RV cover to insure it was tied securely to the RV (so the air couldn’t get underneath). We got through the next season with the new ADCO RV Cover just fine.
After the first year with the replacement ADCO cover, we had the opportunity to have a 40’ metal roofed RV cover at our place of work to store the RV under. So we no longer needed the ADCO RV cover. We ended up listing the cover on Craigslist and sold it for $250. We moved the RV to our workplace (under the metal cover) where it stayed off and on for about three years. The metal cover was great to park under and much, much easier than putting the ADCO RV cover on. However, I will say I was very disappointed in the metal cover for several reasons.
First, the metal RV cover built up a lot of condensation on the inside of the roof (we’re in Florida), which would drip down onto the roof of the RV and run down the sides of our RV causing black streaks (not fun to remove/clean). Also, because the sides were open on the metal RV Cover, the RV was completely exposed to the elements and would be completely covered with dirt whenever we would plan to go anywhere. The sides, as well as the front and back of the RV, suffered quite a bit of sun damage and now it looks like we will need to get it repainted in the very near future. A new paint job runs about $15,000 — ugh! The ADCO RV cover actually completely protected the RV from dirt, rain, wind, and sun damage.

Our 43ft. ADCO Second Generation All Climate plus Wind Designer Series Tyvek Cover

Benifits of the All Climate plus Wind ADCO Designer Series Tyvek Motorhome Cover

We moved the RV back to our home and purchased the new improved Second Generation All Climate plus Wind ADCO Designer Series Tyvek Motorhome Cover Gray & White “Click Here to View on Amazon” It’s the gray one just above that comes with a 3-year warranty. Not to be confused with the lower cost Aqua Shed mentioned below. They look very similar, so be careful. This RV Cover is really what this ADCO RV Cover review is all about. I am very impressed with this cover. It has so many advantages over the first one we bought (described above). Here are some points I would like to make:
Second Generation ADCO Designer Series Tyvek Motorhome Cover is better designed for wind as stated by ADCO. Plus, it has straps around the perimeter of the roof, and also around the perimeter of the bottom of the RV. This keeps the wind from getting under the RV and ripping it like the tan ADCO Tyvek one that we first purchased years ago.
It has a great design — it uses only four straps that go under the RV. The lower cost ADCO Tyvek cover tan colored had many more straps that made it a big hassle to connect under the RV. Not fun and more straps mean more things to get tangled up on when pulling it up on the roof to put it on.
The gray Second Generation ADCO Designer Series Tyvek Motorhome Cover is the most durable all- climate Class A Motorhome cover on the market. This cover provides maximum resistance to humidity and rainfall and protects the RV from sun, wind, and snow.
Finally, the Second Generation ADCO Designer Series Tyvek Motorhome Cover costs a little more money than the older version above and it costs more than the Aqua Shed mentioned below. However, we feel the extra cost is worth the money due to its ability to hold up better in the wind. And — it’s just plain easier to put on. Also, it has a 3-year warranty. We have now been through two seasons with this cover and it’s held up very well with windy days and all. No problems whatsoever, so we highly recommend this RV cover. Again, please note this cover looks just like the ADCO Aqua Shed RV cover mentioned below. They are both grey and white and can be easily confused with one another. To find out more details on this RV cover please check the helpful links below. Make sure to put in the correct size/length of your RV if you decide to order also we went up one size larger when we ordered and we were so glad we did, better to be a little too big than too small. With the mirrors sticking out that extra 2 feet in length made for a perfect fit.
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ADCO 52208 Designer Series SFS Aqua Shed Class A RV Cover – 40’1″ – 43′

To be fair, I cannot really say too much about the Aqua Shed RV cover because we have never owned one unlike the other two above. All I can say is that it is the least expensive one of the three ADCO RV Covers they make. Based on my experience — you get what you pay for, so I will just leave it at that. However, if you live in a place that has very little wind, it might be fine and you could save a lot of money using this version. Also, it only comes with a 2 year warranty.
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Class C Motorhome Version of the ADCO Aqua Shed RV Cover on Amazon Click here .

Installation hints: to save your marriage (just kidding):

It helps to have another person/supervisor on the ground to help guide you.

Try to avoid putting the RV cover on when the temperature is high (the roof gets hot and makes it a miserable job). If it’s hot out, set your alarm and do it early in the morning.

Try to avoid putting the RV cover on when it is windy. Trust me on this one!

We found it helps to lay the cover out behind the RV. Locate the front of the cover (it’s marked) and then lay it out just like it would go on the roof. Then, fold the sides in as shown in the picture below. Carry it up the ladder and drag it to the front of the RV while your supervisor is in the back on the ground (near the ladder) feeding it up to you as you pull it up. When you get to the front of the RV, start laying it out — first over the front, then work your way back to the rear of the RV throwing the cover over the sides as you go toward the back. It helps if you have a supervisor on the ground with a pole and small ladder in case the cover gets hooked or snagged on something (like the windshield wiper, mirror, etc.). The supervisor can easily use the pole and unhook any snags and give you further directions (that you can’t hear on a windy day).

We use these little corner protectors to put on any sharp angles (like the solar panels) so your rv cover does not get torn from any sharp edges. “Click Here” to view on Amazon.

Also, your cover will easily get torn on the ladder with the slightest breeze blowing. We found it helps to put these inexpensive pipe insulation pieces on the outer side of the ladder and secure them with a couple of bungies. You can find these at Lowes as well.

To store the cover, we recommend that you use the largest trash can you can find. We recommend useing a 65-gallon one to store it in when your on the road. It’s much easier than trying to get it back into the storage bag ADCO provides. Also, the trash can in the picture above is the one we have that we bought at Home Depot unfortunately it was the largest they had at the time and it is way too small, I think it was 50 gallon.

Well, that’s about it for now. We hope you found this ADCO RV Cover review helpful. Please let us know how your cover has worked for you in our comments section below and thank you for visiting our website. Happy trails.
Terri/Supervisor and Vern


  1. I purchased the 40-43 ft ADCO cover for our 40 ft motor-home. After first year it was torn in several location just as you have described. Second year we had added the patches and reinforced edges for protection. When I removed it second year it was torn in additional spots including edges of the ladder, just as you described. I have exercised my warrenty and a new one is on the way. The ADCO covers are under designed for outside storage of units. They offered a 600 dollar upgrade but no thanks.

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