Boondocking / Dry Camping

What is boondocking, or what some call dry-camping? Our definition is basically being out in the boonies without any services or utilities. No water, electricity, sewer, cable TV, internet, etc.

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Several of our friends and fellow RVer’s seem amazed as to why we would rather be “out there” in the woods , beach, or desert instead of an RV park or stick-built house. They usually comment on how hard it must be to survive without TV or electricity. They just can’t imagine what life is like “out there.” We try to explain that when we camp without any services (sometimes for months at a time) we have most of the comforts you would enjoy in an RV park, or even a stick-built house. They typically look puzzled when we explain this and we know they’re thinking we might be just a little too passionate about this RV lifestyle!

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First, we'd like to say we really enjoy being out in the woods, beach, or the desert in our RV; however, we understand it is not for everyone. It does require some pre-planning to make it fun. The trade-off for not being where there are services brings you to some really incredible places that most people only get to read about.

pensacola beach, rv, boondocking, camping

pensacola beach,rv,boondocking,camping,kayaking

Family teaching us how to kayak on Vern's birthday.
Please don't let the sharks get us!

In spite of the enjoyment we get, we aren’t suggesting that you need to “rough it” at all. We actually like all the creature comforts you get in an RV park, too. By adding some solar panels, a good sized battery bank, plus a few other things that we have included on our List of Equipment page, we have been able to bring the conveniences of city life right along with us in our RV. We hope this list will help you enjoy your experience "out there" as much as we have.

Also, please check out our Boondocking Travels Page to see some favorite places we've 'roughed it' over the years.

Happy Trails!

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